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NotJustBrowsing® Desktop

By clicking page indicator label, a new window panel will be inserted in front of the one whose label was click.

An indicator panel corresponding to every new window will be placed page indicator, respective indicator panel will be brought in front.

Indicator panel size can be found as a from the preference file. This size can be used to adjust the size in the  layout settings for linear Desktop purpose.

This structure will allow a user to access most of the operating system's functionality from within this structure. 

At the same time it will provide a structured way to store/access the information that builds up with time in every computer.

Information, may it be local (on user's computer)  can be referenced in one unique way using Linear Desktop.

A user will now be able to access all places and facilities present on their computer at one time by using either  "linear" or "multiple" or both view.




Latest News
First version of NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is released.

NotJustBrowsing®  By Abdul Karim version 1.0.11 will release very soon with amazing and striking features.

 NotJustBrowsing® Desktop

Linear Desktop, derived from NotJustBrowsing®. Desktop environment made simple by employing linear browsing technique. Computer resources (documents, programs, system facilities, configuration utilities etc.) are placed in such a way as to be reached in one mouse button click or through the scroll-bar action. Visual book marking system presents a neat and tidy way to have organized book marks, right where they can be seen. Bookmark any place may it be on internet or on your local hard drive.Web browser coupled with desktop, readily available at all times for all need. Easily configurable program bar.