NotJustBrowsing® Desktop

Using the functionality of NotJustBrowisng® and give a new look like Android to the entire GUI based window system. The window 8 use the functionality of NotJustBrowisng® Environments where desktop items (small graphical images/icons) are scroll into visible area of the screen horizontally or vertically. Majority of desktop environments of today moved towards scrollable desktop.

Zero Point functionality of NotJustBrowsing® means that a place from where you can reach every other place. At the end of installation, process of NotJustBrowsing® a structure is built to represent Zero Point for user's computer. This structure will allow a user to access most of the operating system's functionality from within this structure. At the same time, it will provide a structured way to store/access the information that builds up with time in every computer. Information, may it be local (on user's computer) or on World Wide Web, can be referenced in one unique way using NotJustBrowsing®.


Introducing a GUI “NotJustBrowsing® Desktop”, that is based on well-defined criteria and Will be presenting a GUI based desktop environment look and feel like Android and give a framework to develop and utilize linear multi pane layout instead of on window for display.

Microsoft® releases Windows® 8 in 2012. It introduces a very new interface that works smoothly for touch, mouse and keyboard. Windows 8 used functionality of NotJustBrowisng® (NJB) linear browsing with scrolling bar at its bottom. This scrollable used to increase the number of icons, folders or applications on desktop environment.

The “NotJustBrowsing® Desktop” gives user to look and feel like Android on NotJustBrowisng® (NJB) and window based system. User can enjoy same look and feel on windows base system. Android-based interface user feel more comfortable using window. Android user interface (UI) has captured the hearts of people. The scope of development in the field tablet PCs has increased tremendously. As the number of users is increasing day by day, because people inspire its interface. That is I give look and feel same like Android to window-based system. In this way all, the previous window based system used with Android interface.

Latest News
First version of NotJustBrowsing® Desktop is released.

NotJustBrowsing®  By Abdul Karim version 1.0.11 will release very soon with amazing and striking features.

 NotJustBrowsing® Desktop

Linear Desktop, derived from NotJustBrowsing®. Desktop environment made simple by employing linear browsing technique. Computer resources (documents, programs, system facilities, configuration utilities etc.) are placed in such a way as to be reached in one mouse button click or through the scroll-bar action. Visual book marking system presents a neat and tidy way to have organized book marks, right where they can be seen. Bookmark any place may it be on internet or on your local hard drive.Web browser coupled with desktop, readily available at all times for all need. Easily configurable program bar.